News from Around the Wing

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Missing Senior Found After Several Days with Help from CAP
By Maj. Staten Corbett
November 7, 2016
Florida Wing Civil Air Patrol conducted aerial searches on October 29, 2016 with 8 aircraft looking for a missing 83-year-old woman and/or her abandoned vehicle.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cell Phones Banned on CAP Aircraft
By Lt. Col. Robert Sims
October 19, 2016
National leadership takes the unprecedented action to ban a specified cell phone from CAP aircraft. This move follows building concerns and action by the Federal Aviation Administration within the last few days.
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Florida Wing Flies Ten Sorties Post Hurricane Matthew
By Maj Jeff Carlson
October 10, 2016
Florida Wing members fly ten sorties post Hurricane Matthew. Sorties are providing an aerial perspective of the affected areas for other response agencies.
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Florida Wing Launches 1st Flight for Safety Check of Barrier Islands, Inland Areas
By CAP National Headquarters
October 8, 2016
In response to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's requests, Florida Wing launches first flight for safety check. Command feels confident about meeting the needs of cooperating agencies.